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who is it> it is me

Month Savings
February $80

~~o~~o~~ WEB READER ~~o~~o~~
you wake up in your crappy little apartment
the "shit pit" as your friends call it
they're right - you've got pizza boxes and Pinacle vodka bottles everywhere
it's Tuesday and you're already 45 minutes late for work
but you're still wearing your clothes from yesterday - will anyone at the office notice? fuckit if they do
you do your best to wipe off the stains and slam down a jimmy dean breakfast crossaint then head to your car
that hasn't started in the last few days so good luck you think
but it does! and off you go listening to a badly scratched Tool cd you found under the seat
7-Eleven is on the way in so you stop in and pick up

Coffee xl w/ 2shots of Stok Parliment menthoyls (fuck you - they're cheap as shit) 6-pack of Vodoo Ranger IPA (get blasted on the cheap!!) 2 Spicy Bite hotdogs + ketchup (fuckin good to go!!)

the drive to work seems endless you want it to stop but it never does