The roaring traffic the heat it's all too much you start to feel like a ghost!

at this point what's it matter? you're so late to work now you might as well just
quit...but damn if that rent isn't due first thing tomorrow
now at your computer you try to get some shit done (with that banging hangover)

and this graph shows every second you're at work your desire to jump head first through the 3rd story window goes exponential!

how in god's name are you going to keep up this charade? pretending to "love" what you do. ooh really??
hopefully, with any luck your boss is stuck in meetings all day and you can just sit there and untangle from the night before....

oh yikes! you forgot your 7-eleven coffee in the car because that's exactly where it should be at a time like this! your
breathing has become shallow, welp might as well grab a smoke while your outside.