you're heading for the elevator but realize you need to toss your cookies in the bathroom first
so take a right down the brown carpeted hall and dash unseen into the corner bathroom.

well, not exactly unseen. you're boss is washing his hands and sees you come in. he give you a terrible glare
in the mirror.

boss you
where have you been today? what? I've been here all day
I was by your desk. you haven't been here all morning maybe you just kept missing me.
be in my office in 10 minutes dick(under your breath)

now he's gone you kick in one of the bathroom stall doors
and tossYOcookies!! all over everywhere
it helps your fever is dropping your strength is coming back as you lay on the floor.
you finally get up and see Neil staring at you as he comes into the bathroom

Neil you
shit man! you doing ok? had better days

you brush past Neil and take the elevator down to your car and sit in the front seat smoking your parliments
and sipping gently at your coffee